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There are many options when it comes to large animal bedding, but none offer the superior combination of benefits provided by Espoma Sani-Care. Once you experience Sani-Care, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


Sani-Care is not:

  • Softs woods; pine or cedar
  • Cobb bedding
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Shredded newsprint
  • Wood Shavings
  • Rice Hulls
  • Recycled animal bedding
  • Pelletized bedding
  • Recycled paper/cardboard
  • Straw
  • Lightweight volcanic aggregate
  • Sawdust

Sani-Care is an all-natural product, manufactured using a blend of NIH approved premium hardwoods that includes beech, birch and maple. Sani-Care contains no perfumes or paper sludge.
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What makes Sani-Care different?


Sani-Care’s advanced absorbency is the result of heat treatment and a proprietary manufacturing process we call MicroCube Technology™. Essentially, this process improves absorbency by making more surface area available on the Sani-Care media particles to absorb moisture, but without creating dust.


Unlike some horse bedding materials, that allow a large amount of urine to pass through, absorbed moisture forms clumps in Sani-Care that can be easily and quickly sifted away from dry material, greatly reducing (if not altogether eliminating) the need to strip the stall and replace all the bedding material. By sifting out only the waste, there is much less material to be disposed of. The result is a cleaner, drier, healthier stall that requires less time and effort to maintain.

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The Benefits of Sani-Care


  • Facilitates cleaner, drier stalls for improved animal health
  • Meets NIH health standards*
  • Contains no chemical additives or paper sludge
  • Sani-Care is not a food source for animals
  • No dust to irritate or cause respiratory issues
  • Does not get caught in hooves to promote disease


Sani-Care can be applied at your desired depth. It cushions hooves with a fine, non-irritating granular texture and no sharp edges to get caught and cause discomfort.


Sani-Care comes in 1.7 cubic foot bags and lasts four to eight times longer than other bedding materials. Factor in health benefits, reduced time and labor and Sani-Care represents an excellent overall value.

Easy To Use Image

Easy to use

Sani-Care is ready to use right out of the convenient and weather resistant plastic bags. Just pour out the coverage desired. For clean up, rake or sift out the clumps, which are easily disposed of or composted. Unlike pine shavings, Sani-Care brushes off of animals and blankets easily.



Sani-Care is extremely absorbent, thanks to the premium hardwood species blend, heat treatment and proprietary MicroCube Technology™ manufacturing process—absorbing over 300% moisture per unit weight.

Odor Control

Sani-Care contains no perfumes. It helps control odor by absorbing the offending liquid for removal.



Fine, soft granules present a neat appearance.


Only premium NIH approved hardwoods are used. Sani-Care is clean and dry, right out of the bag. Like all Espoma natural products, it’s backed by an 85-year reputation of excellence.

Disposable and Compostable

As a natural product that does not contain harmful additives, Sani-Care is safe and biodegradable. Decomposition rate is relatively rapid, due to the large available surface area of our MicroCubes. Generally speaking, since almost all of the bedding material is left behind after removing manure and urine, little waste is generated for disposal, composting or applying to the pasture fields.

*Sani-Care meets all standards set by NIH except for sizing. It is purposefully manufactured with smaller cubes to provide greater surface area for rapid urine absorption necessary with large animals.

How to Use Sani-Care


Coverage for a 12′ x 12′ stall, 2″ deep, is about 14 bags of Sani-Care.

See the chart below to help calculate your needs.

Stall Size 2″ Depth 4″ Depth 6″ Depth
Approx. no.
of bags
12 x 12 14 bags 28 bags 42 bags
10 x 10 9 bags 18 bags 27 bags
8 x 8 6 bags 12 bags 18 bags

Typically, after removing clumped material and waste, you can leave the remaining Sani-Care in the stall for as long as you like, adding more as needed. You may also mix fresh product in with damp product, or mix in with existing dry material to redistribute moisture and extend product use. We recommend heavily urine saturated Sani-Care be completely removed to maintain sanitary conditions for your animals.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
  1. When first applying Sani-Care, start with a fresh stall.
  2. Determine your coverage needs (number of bags).
  3. Pour Sani-Care directly out of the bag onto the stall floor in an equi-distant fashion.
  4. Spread out evenly.

Clean up

Step 1Step 2Step 3
  1. Sift out clumps and manure with a fine-tined manure fork and collect into a muck bucket, wheel barrow or manure spreader.
  2. Rake remaining material to maintain even distribution.
  3. Add more Sani-Care as needed or if desired.

About Us

Espoma is a family-owned business best known for its 85-year history of producing high quality natural plant foods. The company has grown enormously since the early days when founder H.G. Sanders rode his horse to work nearly every day. As it turns out, a fondness for horses has been handed over with the reins of the company from generation to generation. That’s why Espoma is especially proud to offer Sani-Care, the very first product from our new, natural animal care division. Clean, uniform, extremely absorbent, safe and easy to use, we believe that Sani-Care is simply the best overall value in large animal bedding. Like all Espoma products, it’s safe, natural and effective. We use Sani-Care for our own horses, because we really care. When you select Sani-Care, be confident that you’ve chosen the very best.

  • H.G. Sanders
    Espoma founder H.G. Sanders aboard “Rusty” in 1944.
  • Jaime Brunner
    Jaime Brunner, 5th generation of the Espoma company and her horse, “Phoebe.”

Nearly 64 years of corporate history has elapsed between the times these two photos were taken.

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